Sanitizing Services

Germ Zero is a division of Mold Zero, a company that has a 5 star reputation for eliminating highly resistive mold for many years.

Why Choose Us?

The cutting edge process that Mold Zero uses to eliminate indoor pathogens and air-borne mold spores, got its start sterilizing hospitals from infectious viruses and bacteria.

With the emergence of the current pandemic situation, we have created a division specific to handling this new threat.

In fact, the EPA registered disinfectant we provide was originally funded by the US Department of Defense as a solution to combat biological warfare. It wasn’t long before this solution became the leading standard in decontamination and safety for military personnel and first responders.

Germ Zero now makes this powerful agent available to you for a broad range of residential and commercial decontamination applications.

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We offer the NORMI* 4-step sanitization protocol and only use EPA registered products to fight viruses, bacteria, and other indoor pathogens to protect the health and safety of you, your family and your employees.

We stand by our work with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We are diligent and thorough because we understand what’s at stake.

We follow CDC recommendations and use EPA registered military-strength disinfectants with a broad spectrum efficacy.

All materials are cleaned, disinfected, and properly disposed of where needed.

Fully encapsulated personal protective equipment (PPE) and full-face respirator masks are worn at all times by our certified technicians.

Whether you are being proactive and want to give your family or your employees peace of mind, knowing that their home or workspace is safe and sanitized, or you are dealing with an actual case of a viral outbreak, let Germ Zero bring your facility back to a safe place.
Following strict protocols for sanitizing, we will give your facility the best chance of remaining germ free.