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Mold Zero, led by entrepreneur Rusty Tweed, is a premier mold removal company based in Clearwater, Florida. Our patented Dry Fog Technology delivers safe, effective, and affordable solutions for homes and businesses.

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Highly Effective Mold Elimination Technology

Mold Zero is a mold removal company that uses a highly effective mold elimination technology. The patented, pet safe and non-toxic technology known as “Dry Fog” is EPA approved in all the 50 states of the US. The eco-friendly Dry Fog technology aims to improve the health of families by working against bacteria, germs, fungus and other harmful microorganism found in the living environment. Hundreds of clients have benefited from the services offered by the company, they include business enterprises, private homes, and offices. The company operates out of its headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Mold Zero was founded in 1999 by renowned entrepreneur Rusty Tweed. The Waterloo, Ontario native has studied Mechanical Engineering and has extensive business experience.

The idea to establish Mold Zero came out of Rusty’s wish to create an affordable, practical business with no side effects on people and the environment. When Rusty and his wife Carol came across the “Dry Fog” idea, they spotted an opportunity to build a successful, people friendly business with positive impact.

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The Dry Fog technology incorporates a two-step mold elimination process, InstaPURE, and EverPURE application. The InstaPURE sterilant process identifies the molds spread all across the home and destroys them immediately while the EverPURE application disinfects the home, leaving it spore free for at least 12 months after the application. After several years at the helm of the company, Rusty has since left the day to day management of the company to the hands of other experienced executives.

The management team at Mold Zeros is headed by Rusty Tweed.  Rusty also oversees the expansion of the mold elimination processes from his office in San Marino, California, where he operates several other of his business ventures. The mold elimination process is a serious business because molds can be found almost everywhere. Some of the benefits enjoyed by customers who have chosen Mold Zero services include effective mold remediation, affordable mold remediation services, and safe mold remediation. Effective mold remediation is a key component driving Mold Zero’s success.

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More about us. The company believes the process is crucial when high levels of mold are present in a building as a strategy to ward off devastating effects of mold on people. High concentrations of mold can cause people to contract asthma, allergies and other illnesses. The Mold Zero, non-toxic Dry Fog mold remediation ensures every visible and hidden spore is trapped and eliminated, whether it is coming from the air vent, carpet or walls. The approach used to capture and eliminate airborne mold spores makes the technology highly adaptable and effective in different settings. Although the whole process of eliminating molds is crucial in creating a safe living environment, the cost factor can be prohibitive to many people.

To solve this problem, Mold Zero has come up with an affordable pricing system that charges about 1/5th to 1/10th of the price offered by other mold removers. Using this proven formula, customers in California and elsewhere looking for an effective, faster and affordable mold remediation have saved thousands of dollars. Unlike other mold removal professionals, who spend a lot of time and resources demolishing walls, wiping down walls, pumping out air and trapping mold spores using barriers, the Mold Zero remediation system is simple and doesn’t require demolition. The process is highly convenient to the family since it takes only one visit to get the job done. The company takes utmost care to ensure its mold elimination process is safe. That is one thing about us our clients really appreciate.

The first safety measure is controlling the spread of mold spores throughout the residence or business. To do this, the technology eliminates the spores immediately after they are captured. This completely diminishes the chances of the spores relocating to other areas of a building. The other safety measure is the use of EPA tested and approved chemicals. Besides mold remediation, the Dry Fog, mold removal technology also acts as a perfect go-to solution for odor control. In fact, the company has recently opened up a new market by treating Veterinary Clinics, that have found the process to completely eliminate any unwanted odors in their facility. The service helps enhance the value of a property in the real estate market by eliminating foul smells common in buildings. Odor concerns in most residential properties emanate from cigarette smoking, pets, urine, foreign foods, and spills.

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