Pathogen Removal Services in Tampa Bay

Mold Zero’s Pathogen Removal Service utilizes advanced technology to effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms from your living or working environment. Our service is designed to ensure your space is not only mold-free but also free from a variety of pathogens that can compromise air quality and health.

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Patented Dry Fog Technology 99.99% effective against mold, bacteria and viruses.

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Pathogen Removal Services

Common illnesses, such as seasonal colds and the flu, are often transmitted through the air—even after an infected individual leaves the room.
The tiny pathogens float through the air, creating an invisible hazard. When you inhale the infected air, you’re at risk of contracting the disease. 

Practicing good hygiene and utilizing basic ventilation methods are a good start to decreasing the risk of disease in your home, business or organization. Take it a step further by taking advantage of our pathogen removal services, which further protects your home, business, or organization by reducing airborne pathogens in your environment. 

The Mold Zero Dry Fog process is designed to destroy viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. We use state–of–the–art systems to address several common—and some rarer, yet still dangerous—airborne pathogens. 
These include: 


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Cleaning physically removes infectious agents and the organic matter


Disinfecting is a process of inactivating pathogenic organisms


Sanitizing is the elimination of all viable microorganisms.

How Our Pathogen Removal Works

Our process involves state-of-the-art equipment and methods that go beyond traditional cleaning:

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When to Consider Mold Testing for Your Property

While Mold Zero specializes in the remediation and removal of mold, we do not conduct mold testing due to state regulations. Consider arranging for an independent mold inspection if you notice any of the following signs in your home or business:

Confirmed Mold? Trust Mold Zero for Guaranteed Remediation

If mold testing has confirmed the presence of mold in your property, Mold Zero is ready to address and resolve the issue with our cutting-edge technology. We will eradicate mold, bacteria, and viruses from your environment, ensuring your safety and health.
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