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Until you develop health problems or start to become aware of the smell of mold in your home, you may not have thought about having a mold free environment. A lot of people may have experienced mild mold problems, or be vaguely aware of dangerous the dreaded black mold is, but they may not fully grasp quite how serious the problem is. Often, by the time people are aware that they have an issue, the mold infestation may have progressed quite far along, and they have been suffering from various symptoms associated with the spores and mycotoxins the mold generates. being mold free after this is extremely noticeable, in terms of the health benefits and the improvement in living conditions.


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Mold spores can damage the structures it infests, and it can cause anything from minor health problems to respiratory problems, and even neurological problems. It is serious enough and common enough that there are EPA guidelines, and information issued by the CDC to make people aware of the problems that can be cause by mold, and the care which must be taken when dealing with a mold infestation.
Handling mold is something you can research, but the dangers posed by contact with the spores, means that it is always advisable to seek help and advice from a trained professional who has experience removing mold. Mold Zero has a highly trained and experienced team who have experience of the many different ways in which mold can present, and they have dealt with all of it using our patented dry fog technology.
Choosing Mold Zero means that you choose a method of mold removal that has the best results, means no tear out and rebuilding of your structure, and is both family and eco-friendly.


Mold Zero may require that you have mold testing by a 3rd party inspector prior to receiving an estimate for mold removal and sanitization services.

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