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Mold Removal Technology Helps Military Families

They Deserve Better From Negligent Housing Authority In This Black Mold Fiasco

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Similar to other uninformed Floridians, Harbor Bay, a company who manages the housing for Military families stationed at MacDill Airforce Base had not done their due diligence when it came to handling mold issues that were making the families of active military sick.

Commanders at MacDill Airforce Base found Harbor Bay and their parent company, The Michaels Organization of Marlton, New Jersey at fault for a situation that has been making countless families of active military sick. The US Air Force Secretary and a Senate Committee have been asking a lot of questions…

Amie Norquist and her whole family got sick from the mold in their house. Her three year old daughter, who had been in remission, started getting sick not long after they moved into their mold infested home. Her two older kids were coughing, she had a headache and sore throat, and her husband was too sick to deploy. Some kids are having as many as 30 seizures a day because of mold toxicity.

It turns out, Dry Fog Technology has been known about for quite a while. In fact, in 2017 the US Army Corps Of Engineers put out a white paper on this very same patented method of handling mold. It detailed how the dry fog effectively treats the mold spores and with the second part of the process, where an anti-microbial barrier is put in place, how it stops mold from coming back.

It begs the questions: Why the disconnect between Harbor Bay and this technology? Why did so many families have to needlessly suffer from the negative effects of mold toxicity? Why was a less effective treatment used? What would have happened if it hadn’t been brought to the attention of MacDill’s commanders? Would Harbor Bay have continued allowing mold problems to go unhandled? Would Amie and her family – and the others – be even sicker?

One has to wonder what would have happened if local mold remediation companies with this technology had been contacted earlier than now.

Thankfully for Amie and her family, help did eventually arrive. Once this situation was brought to light in the local media, a local Pinellas County company called Mold Zero, reached out to Amie and offered to help her with the problem. Helping Amie and her family represents a care for people that is integral to the core philosophy of the company and its desire to help people live healthy, mold-free lives.

Licensed & Certified mold remediation company Mold Zero brought the patented Dry Fog Technology to bear on the issue and Amie’s living space was expeditiously handled, and her family’s belongings too. All taken care of quickly without harsh chemicals or any demolition, using a non-toxic approach.  Asked about his decision to treat the Norquist home at no cost to the family, Brandon simply shrugged and said, “It was just a meaningful way in which we could say thank you for your service.  That’s all.

Amie, who has become something of a spokesperson for families affected by mold, says that her home is now totally different: “The air feels cleaner. It gives me hope.” After the Dry Fog was used in her home her three year old got a full night’s sleep for the first time since the mold had affected her, and Amie woke without a headache. Miracles still do happen!

Dry Fog Technology is a EPA approved, pet friendly, non toxic, affordable,effective and very simple process that fills the whole of the mold infested space, and kills the mold spores. The second part of the process puts a microbial barrier in place that means the mold won’t come back. The solution it offers is something that everyone should know about, and something Harbor Bay should definitely have been aware of.

Featured in the Tampa Bay Times

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