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Follow Up: VA Hospital ICU Reopens

We are happy to report that the ICU is now open and mold free.

Last week, we covered a story from Pittsburgh, PA where hospital technicians found mold in the heating and ventilation system of an ICU, which was then shut down.

After six patients were moved from the ICU upon discovery of the mold infestation, maintenance work began. VA spent 5 days cleaning up the infestation and making sure there wasn’t any more mold in other heating and cooling units.

VA officials claim that third-part testing found no other mold problems in the area.

This story has left us wondering: What technology was used for removing the mold?

Unfortunately, Pittsburgh’s coverage of the story doesn’t detail the process or the mold remediation company responsible for cleaning up the infestation.

Considering our quick, hassle-free mold remediation services using dry fog technology, we’re a little shocked that it took VA 5 whole days to get this situation under control.

Had we been called to the figurative batting plate, this is how we would’ve acted:

Step 1. We’d use our patented dry fog technology to quickly rid the ICU of mold.

Step 2. The next day (once the dry fog’s work is done), we’d take samples of the air quality and send it to a third-party for testing. Usually, this process takes about 3-5 business days. However, out of respect for those who’ve fought for our country, we would urge the third-party testers to expedite the process (2 days sounds reasonable, overnight would be ideal).

At most, it’d take us 3 days to reopen the ICU. The method used at the hospital took 5.

It’s possible that the testing was delayed or that a different remediation system takes longer to achieve our results. Whatever the case, we’ll give the VA hospital the benefit of the doubt and say, “job well done.”

However, in the event of a future mold problem, we wish to make it clear that dry fog technology is the quickest and safest choice in today’s mold remediation market.

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