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Dunedin Mold Removal

In Dunedin mold removal is as essential as it is anywhere. Mold loves humidity and damp, and Florida is as swampy and damp as it gets. Ideally your home doesn’t suffer from this, but there are times when the AC might go out, or there may be flooding, or any number of structural changes made to a building that are conducive to bad ventilation, damp, and therefore mold.

We have had experience with pretty much every kind of situation in which you might have a mold problem throughout the years, and we have handled all of them effectively. We like to educate our clients and make sure that once they have had experience of mold they know what to look for so that they don’t have to experience the problem again, or that in the event mold does intrude into their lives they are better at spotting it, and are able to act more quickly to handle the issue.

Of course, when it comes to handling a mold problem, speed is of the essence, but having an effective solution that is going to thoroughly do what you need it to, and making sure that the problem doesn’t come back is even more vital.

The understanding of the bad effect that mold can have on both the health of a building’s occupants, and the building itself, has increased throughout the years. With this better understanding of how harmful mold and its byproducts can be, and how it works as an organism, mold removal treatment has advanced. The patented technology that Mold Zero uses is at the cutting edge of mold removal, and is both more effective than traditional methods, more long lasting, and requires none of the demolition that traditional mold removal employs.

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We want you to be as healthy as possible, and we want your living space to be healthy too. Often mold may have been a hidden issue in a space. We find the hidden mold, and our technology eradicates it by filling all that space, and sterilizes, and coats the area it so that in the future no other mold is going to be able to find a foothold there.

If you suspect that you have mold in your living or work space we recommend that you call in Mold Zero. Mold can cause a lot of bad reactions, and even if you are not prone to allergies it can still negatively impact on your health, and this can happen through touch or inhalation. Our teams have all the necessary equipment, experience and training to be able to deal with the mold without placing themselves or you at risk, they will also be able to treat the mold with our patent technology so that it is eradicated and not spread further throughout your space. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact us today.

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