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Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Solution

The symptoms you are experiencing with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome may have a cause that you have overlooked – mold spores.

CIRS can lead to shortness of breath, skin infections, pneumonia, and all other kinds of conditions. The high count of spores and the resultant mycotoxins in the blood can have a dramatic effect on your health.

With the the cause not diagnosed, and only the body being treated, may result in the situation not being handled. It is worth investigating whether mold may be playing a role. CIRS is also known as Mold Illness is not the easiest thing to diagnose, because it has similar qualities to Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis and some autoimmune disorders.


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If you have been feeling fatigue, weakness, or flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, insomnia, digestive problems, breathing issues – a whole host of problems, then the underlying situation could be CIRS, and the cause may be mold.

Our proprietary fog technology is a fast acting and non-toxic solution that will transform your living or work space into a healthy environment again, and if you are suffering the ill-effects of having mold in your home it can change your life. Call us today to find out more.

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