Air Quality Concerns in Tampa Bay

While Mold Zero specializes in mold remediation and removal, we do not offer air quality testing services due to state regulations. However, we can provide a list of trusted mold inspection companies in the area.

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Air Quality Testing & Mold Testing Services

If you think you have mold symptoms, home allergies or suspect some kind of mold poisoning, it is highly recommended to get a licensed Mold Test (commonly called a Mold Assessment).
It is even required by most Insurance companies if you choose to file a claim, instead of paying out of pocket.
This will provide you with a report which will include any active mycotoxins in your environment.

Mold Zero Specializes in Water Damage & Mold Remediation

Mold Zero has multiple licensed Mold Assessors (Testers) and Remediators, however we do not do any mold assessments (testing), to stay in compliance with all federal and state regulations.

Mold Zero Follows ALL Federal & State Laws

Warning! It is CONFLICT OF INTEREST for any remediation company to offer you free testing with the service of remediation. This includes any General Contractor that sub-contracts the testing and/or remediation out as they have a financial vested interest in the work and could fake testing results in order to drive up the price with costly unnecessary repairs. Always seek a second opinion if you feel shady unethical practices are involved.

Need a Trusted Mold Assessor?

Even though we don’t test, we have a long list of testing companies that we typically refer. These are companies that we have run across during our years of service via prior customers.
There is zero monetization of any kind.
Feel free to call us if you are looking for a trusted Mold Assessor and we will be happy to share our list with you.

Reasons For Mold Testing?

Often, side-effects such as constant illness, allergies, or general lethargy from poor indoor air quality go unnoticed, as most will not make the link between quality of life and quality of air. If you’re concerned the air quality in your home or business is not as good as it should be, it’s time to call a Mold Assessor.

Types of Air Quality and Mold Testing

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Air Samples

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Moisture Mapping

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Swab Samples

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Leading causes of home and business low air quality scores

What leads to poor air quality? Any number of different pollutants can cause poor air quality. Some contributors will not lead to a dangerous air quality, but combined with several other factors, they could lead to increased sickness, moisture, and other adverse effects. It is important to notify your mold assessor any potential home hazards so they can use the appropriate test:

Testing is not needed for every job, but it is highly recommended!

If you don’t want testing and you are 100% positive you have a water damage or a mold situation, our estimates and visual inspections are always free.

Free Estimates & Visual Inspections do not include air or swab samples.

(Lab Tests)

We also cannot claim you have mold without a lab report.

When to Consider Mold Testing for Your Property

While Mold Zero specializes in the remediation and removal of mold, we do not conduct mold testing due to state regulations. Consider arranging for an independent mold inspection if you notice any of the following signs in your home or business:

Confirmed Mold? Trust Mold Zero for Guaranteed Remediation

If mold testing has confirmed the presence of mold in your property, Mold Zero is ready to address and resolve the issue with our cutting-edge technology. We will eradicate mold, bacteria, and viruses from your environment, ensuring your safety and health.
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