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4 Signs Your Home has Toxic Black Mold

There are many different kinds of mold, and each comes with their own signs and symptoms. While all types of mold can affect your health, the biggest risk comes with toxigenic mold. Of these toxigenic molds, the most common is stachybotrys chartarum, or toxic black mold. Black mold grows in environments with a high cellulose content—such as carpets and drywall—and excess moisture. Fortunately, you can tell that black mold is growing in your building in a few ways. We identify some of the signs your home has toxic black mold.



Visual Signs

While mold doesn’t always have visible signs, you can look for a couple of visual indicators that it’s growing within your home. Toxic black mold thrives in moisture, so recent water damage can mean mold is growing or will become an issue. Discolored walls or stains might also mean toxic mold grew in your house. While these signs could all come from other causes, stains or discoloration alongside water damage means there’s a pretty good chance of mold. Either way, it’s always worth checking it out and playing it safe.


Black mold has a strong musty odor. This smell provides a pretty reliable signal. Even if you can’t find visual evidence of mold in your home, the smell is often indicative of mold that grew large enough to present a health risk.

Physical Health Symptoms

Toxic black mold can have a big impact on your health, even if you can’t find other noticeable signs of it in your home. Black mold can cause respiratory issues, such as a chronic runny nose or an itchy or sore throat. Other health concerns include fever, skin rashes, achiness, and others.

Mental Health Symptoms

The health risks of toxic black mold aren’t all physical—it can also have a negative effect on the brain and certain mental processes. Fatigue and forgetfulness can stem from living with toxic black mold. Victims of black mold might also feel anxious or have trouble concentrating.

If left unchecked, mold can become a big issue that affects many different parts of your life. The health of you and your family is important, and Mold Zero can help. If you suspect you have toxic black mold in your home, hire air quality testing services today, so you can address the problem and get back to a healthy life.



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