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Pinellas Mold Removal

For those who live in Pinellas Mold Removal companies are a great thing to have in your speed dial. Heat and humidity are part and parcel of living in Florida, and they can mess with your house as much as they mess with you. In the same way that there is something to handle the effect of humidity on yourself, there is something you can do to handle the problems its causes with your home, and in particular mold.

Mold loves humidity and dampness, and it can spread pretty rapidly when it is given the right conditions in which to flourish. Those conditions can result from a number of different things, for which the EPA provides a checklist, that you can look at before trying to tackle a mold problem or calling in a professional to do it for you. Given how stringent the rules are in how you should handle the mold, and the possible side effects of not doing it correctly – if you are not sure what to do, an expert like Mold Zero is always going to be the best option. The other thing to bear in mind is that DIY solutions may only provide you with a temporary solution, and may only have a very cosmetic effect. A professional treatment is going to get you more reliable and long-lasting results.

Mold Is Not Good For You, Handle It Now, Call (727) 900-7202 Today!

Mold isn’t inherently bad – it just depends on the context in which it is present. When you find it in your home and it is affecting the structure and your health in some manner, then it is not welcome. In the past people have had to use techniques to remedy the problem that are almost as harsh towards the house or space as the mold has been. You remove the mold and then you have a list of extensive repairs to carry out. Mold Zero has a technology that is highly effective and does not require you to remove the structures affected.

The method which Mold Zero employs works in such a way that it fills the entire space – leaving no hidden corners where mold might remain, and from where it might reestablish itself. Once it has removed the mold it then ensures that it is not going to be able to creep back in. If you have had to retreat an area in the past it means that the method employed did not effectively handle the mold in the first place.

We are based in Clearwater, and we are able to service the whole of the Tampa Bay area, and anyone in Pinellas County. We can schedule a free consultation for you, so that we can assess the situation in your home and let you know exactly what it is that needs to be done to fully the handle the mold and to make sure that it doesn’t need to come back.

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