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Mold Removal Pinellas

For mold removal Pinellas can always rely on Mold Zero. There may be points in the year when you notice that the humidity is more intense than at other times, and this can be the perfect time for mold spores to become a problem in your property.

We have a number of articles that give you information on what to look for, and where to look, and of course, if you have any questions that you need answering on the subject of mold, we are always available. We want you to be able to identify when you have a mold problem, and to get it handled as quickly as possible.

When a lot of people detect mold it has already been sending out spores, and may be visible, or may be detectable by smell. We want to help you remedy the situation before it starts to negatively impact in your health, or to have an effect on the building and the safety of its structure, which depending on conditions within the property can be fairly rapid.

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You may have already been feeling some ill-effects from the presence of mold, and it may be something that your GP hasn’t necessarily picked up on. Getting rid of the mold is never just an aesthetic thing, or about getting rid of the smell – getting rid of it can handle respiratory and neurological problems you maybe hadn’t even connected to the mold’s presence. The severity and variety of effects that the mold can have on someone is obviously dependent on how sensitive they are to the spores and the mycotoxins, and allergens that are generated. But even someone who might not normally be sensitive to these kind of things can be affected by a bad dose of mold in the area – there are very strict guidelines on the handling of mold and what a person needs to wear when dealing with it.

We offer a pet-safe and environmentally safe solution that allows you to get a clean bill of health for your property within a very short period of time. First, our patented dry fog technology handles the mold infestation, and then the second part of the process puts a micro-biological barrier in place to handle both the mycotoxins (harmful toxins generated by the mold), and the bacteria which makes it possible for the mold to come back. We are trained professionals, and we have a lot of training and experience with how to handle mold quickly and efficiently, so it makes sense for you to call us rather than to place yourself at risk.

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