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Clearwater Mold Removal

Your health is important, living in Clearwater mold removal is something you should know about. Something that can be seen as a minor problem by someone who is uneducated on the potential hazard that mold represents, becomes a more urgent problem when they are educated on what mold can do to their health and the structure they live in.

If you have mold, it may be a secondary symptom of something else that has gone wrong with your house. Perhaps there has been flooding, or you have a damp issue, or the place is poorly insulated. Not knowing what damage mold itself can do, might lead you to handle those other problems and consider mold as something you might just need to clean up.

Mold Affecting Your Health?
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If you look at it, it can make an area look ugly and therefore you may consider it to be an aesthetic problem that needs an aesthetic handling – maybe you bleach the wall and give it a new coat of paint. This does not get at the heart of the problem. Sure, you want your house to look nice, but if you knew that mold spores can have an affect on your neurological and respiratory health, and numerous other effects caused by the bacteria and mycotoxins present, then you would look at it a little differently.

We like to educate our clients, so they understand what mold is and what mold does. Once they have a better idea of how bad mold can be, then we explain to them how effective our patented dry fog technology is, and we can share with them some of the success stories of our clients, whose lives have been changed by handling their mold problem.

If you think you have a mold problem and you live in Clearwater, please call us today on (727) 900-7202.

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